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Top Agents for the Month of October 2015

Top Agents

1. Kathie Jones

2. Janice Simar

3. Cindy Cuccio

4. Penny McGehee

5. Lori McCarthy

6. Charlie Baudoin

7. Kathy Bertsch

8. Prissy Feinberg

9. Dianne DeJean

10. Kathy Welch

Top Commercial Agent

Calvin Lege

Top Teams

1. Robbie Breaux & Team

2. Teresa Hamilton & Team

3. The Gleason Group

4. Carole Horn/Calvin Lege/Johnna Domingue Team

5. Over the Top Team


• Top Listing Units - Dianne DeJean

• Top Listing Volume - Dianne DeJean

• Top Selling Units - Dianne DeJean

• Top Selling Volume - Dianne DeJean

New Iberia

• Top Agent - No Top Agent

Top Teams - New Iberia

1. Over the Top Team (Rebekah McGee, Lynette Bagala, Linell Champagne, Robin Derouen, Zonnie LaBry, & Andree Schlicher)

2. Get Sold Team (Rebecca Ruskoski, Amy Boutte, Tessie Dore, Jennifer Forester, & Rachel Segura)

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